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The miracle of Alqueva – Work in progress

The dream of water as an unlimited resource is the farmer’s dream in portuguese southern Alentejo region. While beeing blessed with one of the highest amounts of sunshine hours per year in Europe, agriculture in Alentejo has, for decades, been largely extensive, dominated by dryland farming and cattle breeding. When in 2002, Alqueva Dam was finished to pond the water of Guadiana River, expactations could not have been higher. But clockwork in Alentejo has always been ticking in another rhythm. 2015, as the majority of water channels is about to be finnished, observers note a slight transformation of the traditional landscape. But main phenomena of the region – among others rural depopulation, unemployment, excess of age – continue unchanged. *** Work in progress


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Hello World

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“O Tejo é mais belo que o rio que corre pela minha aldeia,
Mas o Tejo não é mais belo que o rio que corre pela minha aldeia
Porque o Tejo não é o rio que corre pela minha aldeia.” Alberto Caeiro

“The Tejo is more beautiful than the river of my village,
but the Tejo is not more beautiful than the river that flows through my village, because the Tejo is not the river that flows through my village.” Alberto Caeiro

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  • Locations: Berlin, Germany
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Andreas Prost is a photojournalist and photo editor based in Berlin, Germany. He studied photography at the art and media academy Ar.Co – Escola de Arte e Comunicação Visual in Lisbon, Portugal. During his studies of social sciences in Cologne, Germany, he worked as freelance photographer in journalism, event and architectural photography. After moving to Berlin in 2010 he was contracted as photo editor at the news agency dapd. Since July 2013 he works as editor and freelance photographer for different clients, among others for Agence France-Presse (AFP) and ZEIT ONLINE. His pictures have been published in most of German newspapers, news magazines and numerous international newspapers.


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